Mosaic - St. Nicholas

Mosaic of St. Nicholas in Byzantine style, 125x90cm Year:2014.

Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church- Houston, TX

Stained glass windows made in the Byzantine style, Year: 2012-2013. Father: Dejan Tiosavljevic

All Serbian Saints Church - Stuttgart, Germany

This project is unique in Serbian Orthodox Church because it represents the lagest number of serbian saints (26) located in a single church. Stained glass windows were made in byzantine styl

Saint Vasilije Ostroski Church - Belgrade, Serbia

Vitraux Art Stanisic designed and fabricated four round (12 ft diameter) and nine other stained glass windows depicting Apostles and geometrical motives in unique byzantine style (970 sqft).

Saint Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Monastery - Houston, Texas

Stained glass icons "Panagia" and "Mystical Supper". Year: 2014

Temple of St. Petka - Garevac, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Mosaic of St. Petka in Byzantine style, 125x90cm Year: 2014

Church of St. Arch. Michael - Göppingen, Germany

Byzantine styled stained glass windows in Goppingen, Germany (130 SQFT) Year: 2014

Church of Holy Annunciation - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Serbian Orthodox church in Dubrovnik was built in 1877. Church has been completely renovated and new stained glass windows (triptych) were made in 2009 (162sqft).

Military Medical Academy - Belgrade, Serbia

Stained glass windows depicting five various orthodox saints were installed on diving walls in the hospital chapel. (90 sqft)

Church of Virgin Mary - Đurđevo, Serbia

Stanisic Studio fabricated and installed sixteen new stained glass windows in the Byzantine style for a Rusyn Greek-catholic Church in 2004. (645 sqft)

Residence of the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch - Belgrade, Serbia

Saint Nicholas Church - Vukovar, Croatia

In 1933. Stanisic Studio designed and fabricated nine stained glass windows in Byzantine style for Serbian Orthodox Church in Vukovar, Croatia. During the war in 1990's church was heavily da